Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Spring Boat Preparation
Putting your boat back in commission for the new season

Proper spring boat maintenance and preparation will make a major difference in the safe performance of your boat in this upcoming season

Preseason preparation makes the difference in whether we have a safe boating experience or enjoy an unwanted adventure. If you followed the suggestions described in the article Boat Winterizing and Dry Storage, you are well on the way to getting back in the water today.

Here are some suggestions for spring boat preparation and links to articles on these topics at Boating and Sailing. Talk to your boatyard operator and mechanic, they may have additional suggestions for maintenance that is appropriate for your boat. Remember to exercise the concepts of Clean Boating as you get ready for the new season.

Spring boat preparation is hard work, but certainly within the capability of most boaters. Many commercial boatyards happily provide these services for your boat. Schedule yard work well in advance and avoid the rush that comes with the first nice spring day. Boat preparation involves several areas of interest. They are:

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•Vessel Exterior
•Hull Condition
•Vessel Interior
•Emergency Equipment
•Electrical Systems
•Outboard Engines and Outdrives
•Inboard Engines
•Boat Trailers
•Head and Waste Treatment Systems
•Water Systems
•Sails and Rigging
This article begins with discussion of the first three topics.

Vessel Exterior - Scrub down your boat with a mild detergent. Use a detergent that causes minimal environmental impact. Remember that in some states, it is illegal to allow wash water back into the harbor without treatment. Apply a coat of wax to the boat. Clean and polish all metal fittings. Ensure cockpit drains and scuppers are clear, they are easily blocked by leaves and winter debris. Check the operation of hatches and windows, clean and lubricate their hinges. Clean and check the condition of canvas.

Hull Condition - Lifting and storing a vessel can cause minor damage. Look for scratches, blisters, and abrasions to the hull. Check transducers, pitot tubes, and exterior surfaces of thru-hull fittings. Ensure the engine sea strainer is clean, free of corrosion, and secure. Arrange for repairs and refinishing of hull defects. Once hull maintenance is complete, touchup or apply a new coat of bottom paint as needed. Replace your zincs. New zincs are inexpensive and prevent costly damage from corrosion and electrolysis. Inspect the condition of the vessel's shaft, cutlass bearing, supporting struts, and propeller. Check the swim platform and boarding ladder.

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Preseason Boat Preparation
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Boat Winterizing and Dry Storage
Vessel Interior – Inspect the condition of thru-hull fitting, work attached seacocks (valves), check the flexible hoses and clamps. Consider proactive replacement of clamps and hoses. A failed thru-hull fitting can cause a major emergency. Look for oil in the bilges. If oil is present, identify its source, take prompt action, and fix the leak. Clean the bilges and stock oil adsorbent pads and pillows for use in the engine spaces. Check operation of bilge pumps and switches. Lubricate stuffing boxes, shaft and rudder logs. Your boat should be equipped with a good water separating filter that can reduce ethanol fuel problems. Drain any water present in the filter and check the condition of all flexible fuel lines.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Vancouver International Boat Show

HEY VANCOUVER, LARRY IS IN THE HOUSE!!! He has put up the booth and is waiting to greet you at Booth #541. Larry can help you with all your Yacht Charter Vacation needs!!! Our team will be there to help you with any questions on Island Cruising's Sailing School,Yacht Charter Vacations and Yacht Management.
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Please come by and say HELLO!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cruising destinations: Desolation Sound

Captain George Vancouver first sailed these waters in 1792 - and seeing the land and seascape so remote and forbidding, he was inspired to name it Desolation Sound!

The park was created in 1973 and continues to be a popular destination for boaters. Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park is the only major marine park of its kind on the Pacific coast of Canada. From your Island Cruising yacht, you can expect to see a majestic and untouched landscape made up of evergreen mountains topped with snowcaps, fjords, waterfalls, and teeming with birds and other wildlife.

Things to see and do: The first thing that comes to mind when considering things to see and do in a marine provincial park is of course... sailing! Explore the numerous little coves, inlets and islands that make up the 60km of pristine coastline. Ashore, interesting tidal pools and marshes will enthral you with an abundance of marine organisms, birds and waterfowl. Use the dinghy and outboard motor included in your Island Cruising charter to explore the waters not accessible by sailboat. Other activities include kayaking, swimming and scuba diving. The waters of Desolation Sound do not experience as much tidal circulation as in other parts of the region. It is for this reason that pumping out your holding tank is strictly forbidden in Desolation Sound. Conversely, because the waters do not move as much, they warm up significantly during the summer months and are particularly inviting for swimmers, snorkelers, and scuba divers alike! Fishermen can try their luck at catching salmon, rockfish, cod and snapper. Be aware that fishing for rockfish is limited in the conservation areas, and you must have the appropriate licenses to fish. Island Cruising can add a fishing kit to your charter - ask our reservations team for more information.

Marinas and anchorages: There are many anchorage sites in the region, including the beautiful Prideaux Haven; Tenedos Bay, connected to Unwin Lake by a short hiking trail; and Grace Harbour, which is well protected from all winds and seas. Unwin Lake is ideal for swimming and freshwater fishing, which makes for a relaxing day on shore. While marinas are uncommon in Desolation Sound, the historic Lund Hotel is well worth a visit! Fully renovated and restored, the hotel has an on-site restaurant, pub, general store, and fuel dock, and also offers guided kayaking tours! There are two options for the kayaking tours: kayak by moonlight and experience the magic of the bioluminescence, or enjoy a retelling of the history of Lund, and hear all about the First Nations' history as well as the antics of the early settlers.

Hazards in the area: If stopping by Mitlenatch Island on your way from our base at Pacific Playgrounds to Desolation Sound, be aware of the rock to the north of the northern tip of the small island, as well as the reef and rocks off of the west coast of the island. Temporary anchorage is available along the northwest shore only. Navigating the waters of Desolation Sound does involve careful inspection of the charts and vigilance at the helm. There are rocks in and around many of the popular inlets, such as Rosetta Rock at Malaspina Inlet, and the rocks to port when entering Tenedos Bay. A responsible and experienced navigator should not have any problems, providing daily route planning is observed and the GPS is referred to at regular intervals.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Calgary Boat Show: Larry is waiting at booth 342!

Larry has put up the booth and is waiting to greet you at Booth 342. Larry can help you with all your Yacht Charter Vacation needs!!! Jack Dale,Instructional Captain, will be joining Larry today to help you with any questions on Island Cruising's Sailing School.Have a boat, want to buy a boat ??? Let island Cruising show you how affordable Yacht Ownership can be!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen's Show Feb. 3rd - 6th 2011

Larry Meyer, Owner of Island Cruising, has been driving all night to get to the CALGARY BOAT SHOW!!!

Come chat with him face-to-face at booth 342. He can help you organize your brilliant Gulf Island Sail Vacation, or get you certified through our ISPA/CYA Sailing School or even help you find your dream yacht and help you see how affordable Yacht Ownership can be!!!

Visit the Calgary Boat & Sportsmen's Show website for more information:

Venue: BMO Centre at Stampede Park