Thursday, May 12, 2011


I always wanted to learn to sail but never knew how to go about the whole ordeal. Island Cruising ensures that every aspect of your trip is taken care of, you just show up, learn, and relax. It was actually much easier than I though, and more enjoyable and fulfilling than I had even even imagined. It was in one word, AWESOME! The cruise and learn has everything that you might want in a holiday. Beautiful scenic Gulf Island tour, fascinating wild life, excellent company (thank's Anne & Chris), tasty meals and the most fun you can have learning. At the end you are one step closer to Sailing on your own anywhere in the WORLD!!!! It also helps that Dave (our instructor) was very experienced, patient and fun. A good teacher makes a big difference. Thank's Dave!
Just to think that it is possible to sail anywhere I go in the world for my next holiday puts a giant smile on my face. Now, I won't have to sit at the resorts and wish I was on a boat... I will be able to charter one myself... and forget the resort all together, just stay on the boat and go anywhere you want. That's what they mean by freedom! No one should live their life without learning to sail and if I can do it, then I'm sure that anyone can.
I will be posting some photos from the trip very soon... Be sure to stay posted, they are phenomenal!